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Budder – Fruitloops 1g

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5 Customer Reviews

  1. TF

    If u enjoy being laid out this is the stuff for you

  2. LD

    This product is awesome,smell,taste,buzz. it all in,in my favorites list Definitively.

  3. LR

    Yum, what can I say, I still prefer my shatter but this is very nice, tasty, and an awesome topper for joints in a social sitch, makes it a super doobie.

  4. RH

    Do your lungs a favour and try this out. Talk about smooth and nice high.
    Think about long term for your lungs it’s worth the extra $5 compared to shatter. Packaging rocks too.

  5. NB

    These come packaged very nicely! Each in their own little jar.

    Delicious and terpy. Definitely taste the difference between this and things like shatter.