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King Kong Shatter – 3.5g

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Crown nug run shatter extracted using 70% butane, 30% propane, purged for 96 hours for optimal consistency and flavour.

King Kong, mothered by Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, is an indica-dominant hybrid with head-to-toe effects as strong as the giant ape himself. These dense conic buds come frosted in crystals and ribboned in hairs despite its short flowering time of only 7 to 8 weeks. King Kong is known to have a pungent sour, skunky smell with long-lasting effects that target pain, nausea, anxiety, and the appetite. Even though its genetics tip toward the indica side, King Kong has an uplifting and focused effect enjoyed by indica and sativa lovers alike.

4 Customer Reviews

  1. KM

    good taste

  2. GV

    No complaints. Good stuff. I’m a fan.

  3. SS

    Pretty good, it’s actually better than some Phyto shatter strains.

  4. RD