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Lebanese Phoenix



Some of the world’s best hash comes from the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. What makes Lebanese hash different from other variations is the way it is cultivated and then aged over one or two whole seasons (4-8 months). Growers leave plants on the field until they have nearly dried, at which time they will be a reddish-brown colour. They are then harvested and brought to a barn, where they are hung and dried much like tobacco. Dried buds are rubbed over a fine silk cloth, producing a powder that is stored inside plastic bags, where it is aged until winter. This process allows Lebanese hash to develop very strong spicy and woody notes, along with a smooth flavour.

Taste: Very spicy, harsher than Moroccan. Lebanese is quite an acquired taste

Consistency: Soft and malleable. Usually the slabs are very thick and not elastic

Effect: Cerebral, stony