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Moonrock (Grapefruit)

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Moonrocks is the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain dipped in honey oil and then sprinkled with kief. This process boosts THC levels upwards of 50%.

Note: Best enjoyed in a bong or pipe.

1 gram


5 Customer Reviews

  1. TD

    they came as two small rocks, they were all right. one had us soaring like crazy high and the other had 0 effects(took them separate nights) the taste was pretty great and the high was really nice too. they were still very moist which i didnt like personally but they werent bad, might buy again.

  2. AL

    Ok, but not worth the high price point in my opinion. Glad I tried it, but wouldn’t order again.

  3. TY

    Tried it, liked the product just fine. Didn’t like the mess it made of my equipment. Thought it was great to try something original, but would not order it again.

  4. JE

    Perfect size little nugs all wrapped up,fit perfectly in my pipe,several smoke sessions on same moon rock,excellent !! So happy I found this site,excellent service and product.

  5. AP

    These come in sealed jars packaged very professionally and labeled and are of course like everything on this site , worth every penny. It’s a bunch of buds covered oil and just caked in keif, they really don’t hold back on the caking of keif let me stress this lol …..This stuff just made my day 😁