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Moonrock (Original) – 1g

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OG kush dipped in honey oil and sprinkled with kief. This process boosts THC levels upwards of 50%.

Note: Best enjoyed in a bong or pipe.


17 Customer Reviews

  1. SF

    I bought it and rolled one big joint with it. Let’s say this…we were all shot to the moon. 👍♥️👍

  2. AB

    i hopped a higher buzz but 20 min later that get me straigh to the moon it’s perfect for d&d with friend

  3. LR

    Since I’m a shatter kinda girl, didn’t get super baked from this, but was nice in a social situation, taste was hashy, and strong. Best in a bong, but rolls well too. Seems to laste a long time, very pleased.

  4. VC

    If you’re going to buy Moonrocks, get them from PC because they are perfect! Whatever the bud lacks in weight they make up for by filling the container around the bud with extra kief. Also did I mention that they are perfect?! Smoke well, smell well, taste well, well well.

  5. BB

    👍 Perfect

  6. AS

    Amazing taste! A little pinch of bud goes a long way. Makes me super giggly and euphoric.

  7. PP

    Clear taste , a new Life for old ‘thaï stick’ tradition 👌😁

  8. SM

    Nice product!! But hope to honey oil’ll come back on P-C!

  9. TF

    Another good product Pot Cargo has to offer. Great taste, smell and high! Don’t need a whole lot at all. A small bowl will get you a very nice buzz! Also comes in a cool container. Best to smoke in a bong or pipe.

  10. MH

    If you like smoking a bong
    Very good product good taste

  11. MG

    Tastes like honey oil and hash, very strong and like someone else said a little goes a long way. I’m glad I tried them and look forward to trying the other flavors.

  12. KK

    First time trying Moon Rocks. Unfortunately, it arrived with majority of the kief separated from the rocks. Nonetheless, I tired a tiny amount in the pipe, and its sweet tasting and hard hitting – did not expect it. I liked it, cheers PC team!

  13. AN

    A good chunk in the pipe, and you are seeing Mitchell Under Glass! To get the reference check out the book Dark Mission.

  14. LR

    Moon Rocks speak for themselves , 5 stars for sure !

  15. WC

    Fantastic stuff
    Gets you nice and stoned great for movie watching or just chilling

  16. JB

    First time trying moon rocks and I loved the high, very little goes along way with this product.

  17. SD

    Very pleased with the moon rocks, very tasty when rolled with a little pink kush. In my option for the price you will be hard pressed to find better…