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Moonrock (Original) – 1g

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OG kush dipped in honey oil and sprinkled with kief. This process boosts THC levels upwards of 50%.

Note: Best enjoyed in a bong or pipe.


7 Customer Reviews

  1. MG

    Tastes like honey oil and hash, very strong and like someone else said a little goes a long way. I’m glad I tried them and look forward to trying the other flavors.

  2. KK

    First time trying Moon Rocks. Unfortunately, it arrived with majority of the kief separated from the rocks. Nonetheless, I tired a tiny amount in the pipe, and its sweet tasting and hard hitting – did not expect it. I liked it, cheers PC team!

  3. AN

    A good chunk in the pipe, and you are seeing Mitchell Under Glass! To get the reference check out the book Dark Mission.

  4. LR

    Moon Rocks speak for themselves , 5 stars for sure !

  5. WC

    Fantastic stuff
    Gets you nice and stoned great for movie watching or just chilling

  6. JB

    First time trying moon rocks and I loved the high, very little goes along way with this product.

  7. SD

    Very pleased with the moon rocks, very tasty when rolled with a little pink kush. In my option for the price you will be hard pressed to find better…