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Micro Dose Capsules – 5mg THC (30 Pack)

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Micro dose THC capsules designed to be just past the threshold of psychoactivity. Recommended for first time or inexperienced edible cannabis users as an entry level dose in order to get accustomed to the effects and build a base-level tolerance. For more regular edible cannabis users, this dosage will likely have no noticeable psychoactive effects and is therefore useful for those who desire the medicinal and health benefits of edible cannabis without a ‘high,’ which can interfere with everyday life.

Cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil infused with hybrid cannabis buds and blended with cannabis oil for increased potency. Available in 5mg (THC) dosages in gelatin capsules.

*30 Capsules per pack, one month supply.


6 Customer Reviews

  1. FV

    This little dose is perfect to having a good day doing whatever you love puts you in the perfect state not over the edge

  2. KB

    Perfect for daytime use

  3. PB

    I can’t wait to try it once you have it back in stock

  4. BO

    I am NOT a novice but wanted something to help me relax.
    I took one and I felt nothing but when I took two….whoa. Much to my surprise, I was ripped but could still function. Love Love Love this product.

  5. GK

    Small dose but take what i need and combined with the THC spray it is a discrete way of getting a controlled buzz when and where you want to, like a concert that does not allow you to leave and return to your seat later I’m happy with it and fast delivery but check for holidays to avoid late delivery and disappointment .

  6. DH

    Perfect for newbies like me. I actually cut this one in half, and I get a nice 4 hour relaxed feeling without the high I get with taking the whole pill. 5 star rating for us novices