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BHO Bots

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240mg THC
Flavour: Cherry

These Bhobots are made for those who require very high levels of medication in a simple, discreet hard candy. Despite their space invader demeanour, these Bhobots are actually sweet and comforting. Each Bhobot is perfectly infused with a high dose of 120mg pure THC, extracted from the finest cannabis. Package comes with two Bhobots for a total of 240mg THC. Now made with THC Distillate.

Insomnia | Stress | Anxiety | Pain | Inflammation | Depression | Appetite Loss | Euphoric

2 Customer Reviews

  1. KK

    They taste awful but they work like crazy!

  2. DB

    I’ve been smoking weed for almost 10 years and these got me so recked, ate both at same time though.