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Chocolate Dipped Sour Key


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100mg THC
Strain: Hybrid

Can chocolate coated jelly really be the key to great medication? We say yes. This unmedicated sour key is dipped in 100mg of medicated milk or white chocolate.

INGREDIENTS: Sour Key, Cannabis, Chocolate, Soy Lecithin

Insomnia | Stress | Anxiety | Pain | Inflammation | Depression | Appetite Loss | Euphoric

11 Customer Reviews

  1. MD

    Wow ! Is all I have to say these are delicious and got me super stoned 😌

  2. RT

    I enjoyed this product, real tasty pretty good high. Def ordering again soon

  3. MC

    Good high off eating one. be sure to have one per person.

  4. MJH

    damn i love the body high on it i pass the f**k out holy f**k it hits hard love it

  5. TF

    Chocolate and sour dont mix, but it does the trick

  6. CP

    I took the whole candy, were high for 6 hour. amazing

  7. VM

    great high

  8. DS

    very nice dose, great stuff!

  9. SR

    Very tasty i ate it after smoking a joint it greaT combo for getting stoned quickly then being stoned for a long time.

  10. MM

    Super tasty and gave a great buzz. Got the giggles and slept like a rock!

  11. BM

    I enjoyed these. Not very strong .Ate 2 of them and had a buzz like when I take 50 mg caps. Real tasty though.