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Black THC Milk Chocolate Cube


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600mg THC

Great for patients looking for a high dose, discreet, and convenient edible option. Made with THC distillate and easily divided into nine, 66.6mg pieces. This chocolate cube really packs a punch.

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  1. AS

    This is some heavy stuff. I wish I could give it a more in-depth review, but on the 3 occasions I’ve tried a piece of this, I’ve passed out hard and can’t remember anything. Every time I wake up in a super high dream-state hours later that seems to wear off pretty quick. That being said, I’ve had some of the best sleeps of my life with this stuff and I’m sure if I could stay awake after eating a piece it would be an awesome high. The dangerous part of this chocolate, is it doesn’t taste like weed at all. You’d think for 66mg in a tiny little piece, it would have a strong weed flavour, but since they used THC distillate, it has no weed flavour at all. One thing I should note, it’s a lot smaller in size than you’d think it would be. I expected it to be a decent size as its 600MG, but it’s no bigger than the 125MG chocolate bars. This is very relateable to the “Mota black clear sphere 300mg” only this is a better bang for your buck, has a slightly better taste profile, and is a lot easier to micro-dose with.