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Tincture – 1000mg CBD


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CBD: 1000mg
Oil: 50% Grape Seed / 50% MCT

Recommended dosage: start with 2 drops by mouth. Increase every 3 hours as needed. Shake well before use.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Keep away from children.



10 Customer Reviews

  1. NE

    As someone who has a complicated relationship with sleep, who smokes high THC content indicas to be able to sleep, I have kept note of the strains that tend to disrupt dreaming or restful sleeping at night- and I have found that the THC high strains will put me to sleep but interrupt the REM cycle so severely that I never dream and never feel rested upon waking. A modest sleep study was done with the results published indicating that THC does effect the REM cycle, but CBD can help keep the cycle intact.. for still unknown reason. So, I bought myself this cute little bottle and have been taking it before bed every night. I have noticed in improvement on how I feel when I wake up; my body doesn’t hurt as badly as before I had been taking the CBD, I feel slightly rested, and my dreaming has… sort of improved. I take all of those as good signs. The overall flavour and texture of this oil is definitely better than ones I’ve had in the past, though I prefer to drop this in my nightly tea as I dislike the oily-mouth-texture it leaves on its own.
    I became a Pot Cargo fan after just one order from them- I have now placed two orders and I can say that I was amazed at how quickly the orders came as well as how well the packages were shipped. I really appreciate the careful packaging and obviously the timely delivery during this COVID craziness. Thank you so much Pot Cargo!

  2. VT

    Had never used CBD before, but heard very good things over the years. Nevertheless, I was still surprised by how fast my stomach pain & nausea went away. Within the first hour, those symptoms improved by at least 80% – and not long after, the pain was gone.
    When symptoms of my illness appear, I take a couple of drops and do feel better throughout the day. The mint is subtle, and an agreeable taste. My sleep is better, and I find my digestive system has improved over what it was.
    Super glad to find some relief in this product :)

  3. JT

    I’ve tried a few other CBD products and they all left me a bit dissapointed. I’m not sure how Diamond produces this stuff, but its easily hands down the best CBD product out there. It does wonders for my chronic Anxiety. It helps a lot with my neck pain from sitting at the computer for too long. It helps rebalance me out when I took too much thc. I’ve ordered 8 bottles so far in the last year. All other cbd products i’ve tried, i’ve never reordered. This stuff is amazing. Try not to take some every day, to avoid a tolerance buildup. A bottle lasts me over a month. If you have trouble going into work, and/or are unmotivated, this stuff will help you get through the day. A++

  4. AL

    Works amazingly for pain, anxiety, insomnia. Keep a bottle on hand for daily use, emergencies, or to help bring you down if you go too hard on the edibles. 😉

  5. GB


  6. CL

    Works wonders!

  7. KB

    It does work… I have much less arthritis pain in my hands now, after using only one bottle so far over the last few weeks. Seems to relieve my chronic back pain as well! No discernable side effects so far.

  8. JT

    Does wonders for my anxiety and staying melow but functional. It really helps my ADD and also to fall asleep without any haze the next day. I regret only ordering two… El primo stuff!

  9. JO

    Love love love this product.
    Totally helped with my anxiety. I find my oz last longer because i smoke less while using this cbd oil.
    Nice mild minty flavour.
    No sting like with alcohol tincture.
    And worked wonders on a broken tooth when the dentist couldnt see me.

  10. GC

    Wish I had bought more, like it very much!