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Flower Grade
Strain Type
Indica Dominant
Try the strain for 25% less before you commit to a nug!. Limit of THREE tasters (1g) or ONE flight (3g) per strain


Gooberry is the indica cross between Afgoo and Blueberry strains. Insanely delicious, Gooberry has sweet pine and berry notes with a spicy herbal exhale. Buds are medium sized and grape like in shape. Minty green nugs are covered in orange hairs and a light layer of crystals. Gooberry’s effects start with a wave of intense euphoria that washes over the body, elevating mind and mood. Gradually, relaxation increases to the point of couch lock and munchies kick in. Due to its strong indica effects, Gooberry is recommended for those affected by insomnia, chronic pains, stress or loss of appetite.