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Indica Sample Pack

$120.00 $99.00

*NOTE: Sample Pack strains are subject to change.

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Can’t decide which Indica strain to try? No Problem, we’ve made it easy and affordable with our Indica Sample Packs. 10 grams from 10 strains hand chosen by our staff. Enjoy Pot Cargo’s most popular, premium Indica strains for only 99$! (Save $21)

*NOTE: Sample Pack strains are subject to change.

80 Customer Reviews

  1. RC

    Wow must say am truly grateful to have Pot Cargo, first order came in exactly when they said it would and had no trouble. On top of that the product is beyond expectation really surprised me how good this stuff is lol packaged wonderfully!! Will be ordering again very soon no doubt.

  2. AD

    Great sampler. Great price!

  3. WK

    i loved it definitely a must try

  4. MG


  5. MM

    Love how the selection is completely different on my second order of this bundle

  6. BG

    J’ai bien aimé recevoir mes petits paquets bien emballé et bien identifié. Certaines souche sont moins hot mais dans l’ensemble j’ai bien aimé essayer plusieurs souches. J’ai pu comprendre que c’est pas seulement la puissance du THC qui donne le bon buzz mais aussi les effets ne sont pas les même d’une souche a l’autre.

  7. SF

    Beautiful! Came all individually packaged and labelled. Always fun to open and try the next one. 10/10 would order again

  8. AP

    Great selections!!!

  9. AP

    I really like the bundles you get the best of all worlds you get to see what’s your fancy!!!

  10. AB

    Love the different selections. Great for a newbie trying to find out what helps with the pain and what just knocks you out. Love love love all your products!!!

  11. SG

    thx ,good job vraiment parfais ..

  12. SC

    Enjoying the selection of indica

  13. TM

    Great way to find the ones you like

  14. BM

    U guys are awesome. Every time it is spot on. Love everything!!

  15. GG

    What an amazing bundle wow! I’m a kid in a candy store, locked in over night… can’t decide what to choose. =) The buds are dense and fragrant. On my 2nd day and still got plenty…

  16. DW

    Never been so excited for mail !!!!!!!
    Awesome mix Awesome Goods
    Best of the Best

  17. DF

    Great deal! Great variety! Good way to try several strains and pick a favorite …..or two…..or three…..

  18. JP

    Great way to check things out…

  19. NM

    Oh man I’m gonna enjoy this bundle- especially granddaddy purps

  20. AG

    Wicked mix, hybrid bundles would be a dop idea DD

  21. SM

    Second time ordering this. And just noticed a different set list. Can’t wait to try the new ones out. Glad to see violator still there.

  22. DD

    Second time ordering. Works wonders for my back and hip pain. Violator is my fav. To bad no hybrid bundles…thanks again ()

  23. PR

    great deal

  24. JB

    Awesome deal and a great way to find your ideal strains. Definitely recommend this bundle.

  25. DF

    Have tried both bundles was not disappointed.Have just placed my third order and hope to be just as happy.

  26. DD

    LOVE this bundle. First time ordering and what a great idea. Only tried violator but wow my bf and I really like this one but will comment when we try the rest.

  27. DD

    Great bundle! Loved the Granddaddy Purps, wish I could buy it individually. This bundle will not disappoint. Great choose if your not sure exactly what you want. Will definitely buy again!

  28. DC

    Great intro into the indica family. Will recommend to my newby friends for sure.

  29. DL

    Very nice potent strain great for indica lovers nice buds

  30. TS

    Amazing quality!! Very happy with order will definitely order more

  31. RC

    Definitely worth it to order! Fast delivery and exceptional product. Already placed my second order of this!! Can’t wait to try the new strains to come.

  32. JP

    I ordered this bundle and has couple strains I never tried before,I will definitely order this again,Thanks PC.

  33. NJ

    Great product, delivered fast, superb bang for your buck.

  34. JL

    Great selection of strains! God Bud was my favourite of the batch.

  35. DW

    One of the best deals on PC and one of my personal favourites. I am a long time smoker (30+ years) and none of the strains were weak. I like having variety on hand and have ordered this a few times (and will continue to do so).

  36. TD

    Amazing deal really. 10 A+ strains for under $10/g. Bought this product and was really impressed. super fast delivery to the other side of the country as well. will be a repeat customer

  37. DV

    Love it…p.s. packaging was better than first time… will order more :)thank you

  38. MS

    Truly impressed with bundle idea. I have my regular medicine i use but now every day i get a treat love it

  39. AP

    ? site wide ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  40. LR


  41. JE

    Master Bubba, Alien OG, and the Chemo. Best out of the bunch. Will be buying again!

  42. MG

    Good starter pack! Lot of good strains. Chemo, Alien OG, Violator. Where probably my top 3, but they are all really good.

  43. CB

    Great little starter bundle highly recommend trying it out I’ve been smoking for a lot of years and personally my favourite was the purple voodoo it had the best high even over chemo and violator but they were all great strains and will I be placing another order for sure

  44. JB

    Absolutely loved this bundle

  45. NM

    Great way to figure out what your favourite strain is. I Loved it all.

  46. DV

    Love all of them… thank you… shipping was fast) enjoyed very well …. ?about to order another one

  47. AMD

    Very satisfied with this bundle! Great way to try many different top-notch strains!

  48. AE

    This is a great way to discover which strains you like & don’t like. Love it!

  49. HN

    At $99 this bundle is a great deal! Loved trying all the different strains to pick my favourites. Great service, fast turnaround time, and discreet delivery. No better way to buy bud!

  50. AJ

    Excellent shipping excellent products all the buds where nice size /quality . Really high quality products and service

  51. RL

    Just received my package today, looks and smells delicious, cant wait to sample and re-order my favorites. Thanks again Pot Cargo!

  52. AG

    DAMN was this awesome the Pink Kush and Chemo were just amazimg easily the most potent strains and enjoyable high out of the 10. Cant wait to get my hands on some more

  53. NL

    I bought this when I first found this site and this is exactly what I needed. It gives you a little of everything and I found one of my favorites which is Violator; it is great if you get it in your bundle.

  54. MA

    As I said in Sativa bundle, bundles such AWESOME idea! Confirmed I more of a Indica fan :-) Purple Candy top of my list. There was such a great selection in the bundle. Love the Kushs. The Chemo was prime! Blackdog was bit harsh but it was numbing LOL OG Skydog burnt weird, discolored ash, and taste needed much to be desired. Again, will be ordering from time to time

  55. MB

    Absolutely amazing. Excellent variety and gonna buy again! The Bubba OG & Chemo were especially delicious.

  56. MS

    Great ! Came in two days to Toronto as well!

  57. SB

    Loved this bundle worth buying!

  58. CR

    Amazing options to try from! Worth the buy!

  59. JG

    Just wanted to try a few before buying. This was perfect

  60. JT

    Amazing stuff can’t wait to make my next order

  61. MN

    Amazing products… great selection, quick delivery and great quality

  62. JT

    Awesome mix to try different strains. Fast shipping.

  63. TVB

    Service is great .Products awsome. 2 days its here ,discret and scent free.

  64. DH

    Service was fast delivery took 2 business days and we are so happy with the variety pack good first buy and amazing quality. Felt like xmas all over again lol

  65. SF

    Great bundle indeed… sadly no sensi star . Still a great assortment!! Would love to see a 50/50 mix sativa and indica bundle .

  66. DG

    Loved my bundle, It really helps you find your favorites. It would be nice if you had each strain in the bundle for individual sales like the kings kush. My fav’s were purple candy, chemo, king’s kush and granddaddy purple.

  67. PC

    fast shipping and easy to order! Best have your PJ’s on when you try some of these because night, night. Would 100% order again.

  68. HF

    Favorites were Sensi star, god bud, and pink kush. I’d love to see some fresher buds though. The buds were very very dry, but they did the job..quite well. Great value.

  69. NA

    Very good bundle. Its a great starter pack for those who haven’t tried many of the strains already available.

  70. TM

    good price perfect way to try differet bud will be orderig more

  71. IH

    Good price. Great service.

  72. AM

    The quantities are perfect. Really liked the strains !!! Favourites : Purple Voodoo and Skydog OG… Didnt liked the two pink strains.. I will buy another one !!

  73. LK

    Great variety and top quality buds. Thanks PC keep up the good work! Ill be ordering again because of the amazing service and product.

  74. AM

    Really loved this product. Each bag have between 1g and 1.2g, looking to order it another time !!!

  75. KK

    Can’t go wrong…potcargo delivers
    On their products and great customer service!!

  76. ND

    First time, arrived in 2 days from van to halifax! great bud!

  77. BM

    great variety. good price.

  78. PJ

    This was the first thing I ordered and was quite impressed! Excellent quality buds, shipped quickly and discreetly. What more can you ask for? Thanks! You guys never fail to impress!

  79. LJ

    Love the variety of the bundles, always top quality strains.

  80. MN