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Afghan Royal Jelly Hash

1 g - $20.00  $15.00
1/8 oz - $70.00  $50.00
1/4 oz - $140.00  $90.00
1/2 oz - $260.00  $170.00
1 oz - $500.00  $300.00

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12 Customer Reviews

  1. EP

    good average

  2. AC

    Fantastic shish, calming effects with a classic smooth taste. Will not be disappointed with!

  3. AM

    very nice high in THC

  4. MG

    Strong stuff but not as heavy as the bubble hash. 9/10

  5. ST

    15 YEARS!!!!!!!!! That’s how long it has been since some excellent shish has been in my hands..Today I have to get a crown, because I assume only Kings smoke this level of finely prepared goodness….Classic taste.Great white smoke, NO VASELINE COUGH…..👍✔

  6. GJ

    very impress

  7. AM

    smells like chocolate and has an after taste of red peppercorns – smooth – light – calming. Great treat before bed.

  8. FF

    Thank for the special (20$)-5$=15$=Happy :) That hash is beautiful, perfect Indica, the nirvana of relaxation, mazar Sharif Can go to hell, royal jelly is my new paradise

  9. AM

    AMAZING strain for sleep issues.

  10. RM

    Good stuff good quality rm

  11. GC


  12. GC

    Wonderful selection couldn’t find jack here honey oil