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Kootenay Bubble Hash

1 g - $25.00  $20.00
1/8 oz - $85.00  $70.00
1/4 oz - $160.00  $130.00
1/2 oz - $300.00  $250.00
1 oz - $560.00  $450.00

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20 Customer Reviews

  1. MN

    Worth the price. Quite potent.

  2. FF

    Good hash, taste realy spicy, can feel the Indica dominance in the high and the taste, but for the price i rater buy the royal jelly at 15 buck the G! Peace blaze on

  3. SC

    Tasty hash, a bit pricey. 😎

  4. MA

    Highly recommend this. One of the better hashes I’ve sampled. When 1st opening it up had the urge to eat it. Nice texture and smell Tastes great through the pipe

  5. MG

    Hash really don’t do much for me..but this stuff has a good kick to it..would order again

  6. AP


  7. NP

    Great HASH, very nice buzz, taste incredible, expensive but worth the price wow wow

  8. GK

    Price is good. I appreciated the speedy delivery! Taste was there as was the high and it sure brought back memories of the 90’s! Smoooookin

  9. KR

    Nice smoke, taste’s great!
    Strong effect, I loved it.

  10. LB

    Really reminds me of the old school stuff, great taste and if you’re not careful it will couch lock you :c}

  11. EF

    Nothing mellow’s quite like KBH. From its creamy texture to its smooth and spicy smoke this hash is quite appealing. It’s a kick back and relax end of the day kind of high. I find the high to be mild, with some euphoric qualities and sedating effects; KBH also helps me with pain, stress, anxiety.

  12. DL

    Good high from the first puff, combined with eating some of it made for energy, happiness, and a peaceful state for about 4-5 hours. Definitely worth the price!

  13. AM

    very nice high in THC

  14. MG

    It’s expensive for a reason, and by that I mean I had one toke and am struggling to write this lol

  15. KG

    Got my first order of bubble hash one of the best hash out there not cheap but super afagan hash is fair service is number 1 4days to get my purchase to New Brunswick thanks very much KG..

  16. KG

    Bubble hash is the best one I smoked

  17. JP

    This is very good hash and it was a fast delivery.

  18. GJ

    WOW heavy and strong puff = sleep like baby , Good stuff

  19. PB

    Menoum ! great taste, great smell, great consistency, burns really well, nice buzz, i love it…..give me more !

  20. PB

    Menoum ! great taste, great smell, geat consistency, burns really well, nice buzz, i love it…..give me more !