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Mango Putty Hash

1 g - $12.00
1/8 oz - $40.00
1/4 oz - $75.00
1/2 oz - $140.00
1 oz - $250.00

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6 Customer Reviews

  1. RG

    smooth buzz, and of course the relax feeling… take a beer and relax,,smooth buzz .. a good smell hashish and manipulating … I recommend it! if you like goood smooth feeling.

  2. AO

    great stuff

  3. KP

    Enjoyed it.

  4. KB

    Very tasty, give it a 7/10 for potency and a 10 for taste. Must be infused with terpenes for the flavour. Really has a fruity taste and when mixed with a fruity strain like lemon haze…delicious!

  5. AL

    Really enjoyable, super smooth. Great way to add a boost to a normal bowl.

  6. RS

    Very smoth,nice tasting hash, nice buzz,smoking my first spliff of this hash and I’m half way through the spliff and I’m pretty stoned, wow ??goes great with a cold corona mmmmm!!! ✌????