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Ayahuasca Purple

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1 oz - $250.00

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Ayahuasca Purple by Barney’s Farm is a deeply relaxing indica-dominant cross of Master Kush and Red River Delta. The primary aromas are unique, expressing hints of hazelnut and papaya. This indica-dominant strain develops deep purple foliage and is sensitive to overfeeding. Enjoy Ayahuasca Purple at the end of the day to maximize its relaxing, full-body effects.

15 Customer Reviews

  1. SG

    This stuff is probably the best strain and best tasting bud I’ve ever heard. Never left a review when I bought this months ago and happened to see it is available again. Thanks PC

  2. SD

    Best strain ever! It opens the gates of perception and floods you with the feelings of calm, content, happiness and purpose. A very nice body-high follows soon thereafter, perfect for winding down after a long day at work, or for relaxing home over the weekends.

  3. AC

    the best purp i ever had …period.

  4. AN

    Thank God it’s not sold out yet. Another oz pronto!! Most powerful body effects a strain has ever gave me, seriously.

  5. DR

    My second Favorite weed of All Time Now, Im looking to try that purple god in future. definitely a mood lifter and i even tasted a leaf my tongue went numb with the flavor for an hour.

  6. PG

    This is by far hands down the best weed I have ever smoked in my life. I haven’t craved a strain so much as this once since the last time I got it. I wish i could buy a pound.

  7. AN

    Such a good strain that I can’t help myself from purchasing again.

  8. TP

    Amazing! this has to be one of the best weed I have consumed in over 35 years of smoking/vaping..Nice dense stinky buds that are dark green and purple coated in crystals, just as pictured in the description above. The high is a heavy Indica buzz perfect for chillin with Netflix or for a night cap before bed. At 300 an Oz, yes it’s pricey but worth it IMHO. I agree with one of the poster’s below, that this “Outstanding” flower! A+ Pot Cargo

  9. TG

    Got this stuff the last time PC had it. Been a heavy smoker since i was 15 and im 29 now. This is the best weed if ever smoked. Taste and stone.

  10. KB

    Outstanding!….let me put it this way…U may smoke about 3/4 of a slender joint of this vs. for every 2 fatties of many other variety’s I’ve had.

  11. CK

    I’m very glad that I purchased this item.
    I will buy this again.
    Two thumbs up !

  12. MK

    Strong ‘indica’ body buzz. Head remains clear.

  13. KN

    Don’t miss out on this amazing product
    Very Strong

  14. KN

    you did it again WOW love this stuff Old hippie 65 and still smoking until I die

  15. AM

    Mmmm tasty and it is Sooooo Purple
    Love it