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Chocolate Kush

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1/8 oz - $35.00
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1 oz - $235.00

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Chocolate Kush, bred by 00 Seeds, is a powerful indica strain that captures the best of its two parent strains. Mazar, with its resin-oozing buds, lends its potent full-body euphoria while its other pure indica parent passes on a pungent aroma of hashy incense and chocolate. This strain grows into medium-sized plants with a Christmas tree structure and flowers in 56 to 60 days. The sativa-dominant Chocolope Kush sometimes goes by the name Chocolate Kush, so be sure to confirm this strain’s genetics with your budtender if you’re looking for the heavy-handed indica.


4 Customer Reviews

  1. KC

    I’m glad that I tried the sample bundles because this was one of my favourites. Smooth to vape, a vaguely sweet end note and works so well to relieve nausea and also got rid of my pounding headache. Bonus points :) As always love dealing with PC, best service and product, timely as well since I live on the opposite coast.

  2. MML

    Very nice. Good cure so smooth. Potent relaxing buzz. Tastes a bit like chocolate as advertised. Well trimmed gorgeous medium size cones. Top shelf. Thnx PC.

  3. JW

    Excellent tasting flower, does a good job delivering a buzz. Helps my pain and aches and contains a strong Indica buzz with good notes of Sativa. Delivery time was amazing! Love shopping with Pot Cargo and thank you for the new Pot Cargo papers. They are awesome!! Cheer’s

  4. MS

    Very smooth, tasty bud. A very nice high that sticks around for a bit. I mostly hit it in a bong and bucket and I loved the taste. Will definitely order again. I live across the country from these guys and gals and never waited longer then 2 days and package was at my door Great job Pot Cargo!!