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Crafted from the genetics of God Bud, Godzilla is a mostly indica strain bred by Caña de España specifically for hot climates. Crushing euphoria and sedation are delivered alongside a sour berry flavor accented with subtle notes of vanilla. Thoughts wander away, taking with them stress, anxiety, and depression. After some time, Godzilla’s effects subside to clearheaded, functional bliss. Patients treating pain and muscle spasms may find relief in Godzilla’s potent and tranquilizing onset. Following a 55 day flowering cycle indoors or at the end of September outdoors, this indica produces colorfully vibrant buds of green and purple hues.


7 Customer Reviews

  1. ZB

    Would buy again. Agree it’s more of a night time sesh, can make you sleepy. But what a great sleep!

  2. KB

    Wonderful looking buds. Great head high!

  3. ALB

    Defiantly a night time smoke! Very nice frosty buds and great smoke

  4. SF

    Strong. Had a long nap after Godzilla :)

  5. JB

    Great taste, I found this strain very smooth as well. Very happy with my purchase.

  6. JW

    Beautiful, full of taste and packed with a punch this flower is a pungent, calming, relaxing and pain reducing qualities. I enjoyed this strain very much.
    Voiced by a Connoisseur

  7. AMD

    A heavy hitter! Amazing smell and taste! Hope it goes on sale soon!