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Grape God

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1/2 oz - $125.00  $105.00
1 oz - $235.00  $200.00

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Grape God is an indica-dominant strain that combines God Bud and Grapefruit genetics. As its name suggests, this strain has a sweet grape aroma with earthy notes that activate on the exhale. Powerful, long-lasting euphoria knocks out stress, leaving your mood elevated and your body relaxed.

21 Customer Reviews

  1. JM

    Great for pain relief! Always makes pain fade away.

  2. AH

    Amazing Grape Flavor. Everything i would expect from PC, been a smoker for 15+ years and this is a heavy hitter, One of the best Grape strains ive come across

  3. CB

    Grape God is one of my favs, great bud, nice smoke.

  4. DD

    Omg grape god! Sticky icky, small budz, smells good out the bag. Grape fruity flavor profile (obviously). Over all one of the best strains ive smoked imo. I would definitely recommend any of the the “god bud”…peace DD

  5. SB

    A must try ! One of my favorites strains. It smells/taste so good. The buzz is perfect for me.

  6. CR

    Man, that Grape God though! The best I’ve had yet!! Nice smooth high all the way through and great for getting a solid sleep!

  7. SG

    If you’re looking for something for social anxiety – this is what you want. I can’t even get anxious on this if I try. A blessing in grape. It’s a really smooth hit and tastes amazing. I will be getting this routinely if I can!

  8. AM

    I Loved it so much ..I ordered again and just received the second order of it … taste amazing

  9. GG

    Delicious taste, too pricey, most $15/g strains from here are better.

  10. NB

    Phenomenal tree! Pungent smell, cheesy if you will, when you open the bag. Busts up large. Great taste on inhale and the grape is very prominent on the exhale. Will be purchasing again.

  11. MC

    This is a great strain. Love the fruity/grape exhale and it’s a true creeper.

  12. DM

    Super bon produit!
    Tres belle cocottes, l’odeur est incroyable ca sent les fruits, le goût est super aussi. Tres bon Buzz
    Apparence: 10/10
    Odeur: 10/10
    Buzz: 9/10

    L’un de mes favorits

  13. AS

    Its name says it all. The first thing I noticed was the overwhelming grape flavour and scent. A matchstick sized joint for two people auickly showed us why it is a gold collection item. Will be buying again!

  14. AB

    Wow just had a whole bowl and wow one of the top weed i had in my life and im a smoker for 15 years now wow amazing

  15. MA

    Nice Buds. Taste great. Right up there in my fav category

  16. SF

    This bud has a way of creeping up on you. Wonderdul taste and smell. Amazing strain with an awesome price.

  17. YD

    L’un des meilleurs weed que j’ai eu l’occasion de tester !!!
    One of the best weed i’ve had the opportunity to test !!!

  18. LA

    Yes it has a very Berry scent and makes me fall asleep…

  19. KK

    I loved this strain, tastes great and smells even better. Grapey-goodness. Great for pain relief without being overly sedative.

  20. LL

    Smells like grapes honestly. Taste blew me away

  21. KH

    This felt awesome!! I love hybrids!!