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Super King Kush

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1 oz - $200.00

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When you’re looking to wind down and relax, Super Kush is there to lend a hand. Daughter of Northern Lights #5 and Hindu Kush, Super Kush is a very clear-headed indica. This strain is best for users who would like to ease stress without being stuck on the couch. An all-around easy strain for beginning cannabis users, Super Kush is both mild in effects and easy to grow. This strain grows best indoors and typically has an early flowering time of 7-8 weeks.


1 Customer Review

  1. MS

    Very smooth, tasty bud. A very nice high that sticks around for a bit. I mostly hit it in a bong and bucket and I loved the taste. Will definitely order again. I live across the country from these guys and gals and never waited longer then 2 days and package was at my door Great job Pot Cargo!!