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Jelly Punch

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Jelly Punch is an exotic cross of Jelly Breath (North Cascade Cut) & Platinum. These buds are highly resinous and show off an attractive mosaic of greens and purples. They also strut an impressive trichome coverage and are cured/trimmed with care. This strain was grown with love and 100% organically in living soil. The nose is astounding, hitting you with a wallop of fresh baked apple pie. The flavour follows suit with a rich sweetness that lingers on the tongue. There are decided notes of buttery pastry and cinnamon coupled with a creamy exhale. The high is blissful and happy and wonderfully balanced. The effects start with a social uplift at first, this is followed by a bleary slosh that is calming and creative all at once. Overall, Jelly Punch is a true connoisseur strain that you don’t want to miss!

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