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White Castle

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Not much is known about the California-bred sativa White Castle, but this sativa strain has nevertheless carved a name for itself among West Coast genetics. Its initial appeal lies in its candied aroma, although there’s also something to be said about its high-flying euphoria and colorful buds. Coated with a sticky blanket of sugar-like resin, White Castle is a treat for all the senses.


18 Customer Reviews

  1. GG

    Decent overall

  2. MW

    Works/tasts amazing 10/10

  3. JC


  4. MR

    Nice uplifting buzz, great balance.

  5. RS

    This is the best (so far) tasting white castle aka iced widow i’ve had in a while!

  6. TG

    By far one of my favorite strains on here. Great pain killer and a nice buzz.

  7. AL

    Soooo smooth! Crystal coated buds, and a delicious sweet, almost candy-like aftertaste with each hit. The high is uplifting, but balanced.

    Excellent. Will order again!

  8. CG

    very nice and clean high, really enjoyed the sweet flavour (yummy) when vaporized, definitely a very exquisite sativa…

  9. MMM

    Really good!

  10. CB

    Another one that has a heavy vapor that lasts. Tastes like a fancy strawberry Belgian beer I like. Energizing and relaxing, and the pain I had is completely gone. Seems like a very well engineered strain.

  11. MT

    we love this: gentle creeper, pure euphoric buzz. amazing. agree w SR: hands down favourite

  12. SR

    I’ve tried almost all strains here and this is hands down my favourite. It has all the qualities you want, Great smell, Great taste and most importantly Great effects. There are some strains that are more potent but none have the even qualities of this strain. Enjoy!!

  13. JB

    Also called Iced Widow on Leafy if you want to read more reviews. I love this strain for its happy feelings and pain numbing effects.

  14. JB

    Awesome for enjoying at a party. Very happy uplifting effects. Everyone was laughing and smiling after. Buzz lasted a long time too.

  15. OR

    Beautiful body effects with uplifting cerebral high. Nice pain reliving properties. An all round stellar strain. Love it ?

  16. AH

    Great bud. Looks Great. Smells and tastes more earthy and piney. tonnes of crystal coated all over the bud looks like it got snowed on a top runner sativa forsure

  17. KA

    I use this sativa strain for pain relief. Lifesaver! Also, gets a GOOD buzz going 😉

  18. KA

    I use this sativa strain for pain relief. Lifesaver! Also, gets a GOOD buzz going 😉