Gummies (MOTA) – THC

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100mg THC or 100:20mg THC:CBD per Package

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Earn 14 Cargo Points worth $0.70!
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Mota has revamped all of your classic candy favourites with a precisely measured dose of THC. Available in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa varieties.

INGREDIENTS: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Cannabis, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Carnauba Wax, Sodium Citrate, Fatty Acids, and Flavours

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Mota Gummies please chat with an agent.

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88 reviews for Gummies (MOTA) – THC

  1. tastes delish! Not sure on dosage – I had 4 bottles and waiting to see how they effect me. I anticipate this will be as amazing as the other edible products I’ve ordered.

  2. Great buzz off two bottles.. They taste like the actual candy too, just a hint of weed in there. They’ll hit you fast too.

  3. I like these Cola Bottles from Mota a lot!!! One is nice for chilling out. Two bottles gives you a pretty decent buzz. Three is manageable but impairs you a bit too much to be social (oops).

    Anyways, I really enjoy these. Definitely will be purchasing more.

    Super tasty!

  4. These messed the wife up. Was a big disturbance. Dont eat too many at once lol

  5. One literally does it for me! I love it so far. Plus my favourite type of candy. I love it. Definitely going to order more.

  6. Love them 10/10 will buy again

  7. taken 2 cola bottle back pain was gone plus fell as sleep like a baby 🙂 great

  8. I am NO lightweight when it comes to edibles, but these are the best of the Mota products, imo. LOVE the dosage! 2, or 3 are great to take the edge off, and paint the world with a lovely, rosy glow. The whole pack is great for a couchlocked Sunday afternoon! I “highly” recommend this product. (pun intended!)
    Anxiously waiting for them to come back in stock!!! 😉

  9. Perfect.
    Will buy again.

  10. The taste was AMAZING and 2 got me going pretty good.

  11. nice product

  12. It is awesome so happy I found it

  13. tasty like the real stuff it’s perfect to begin with edible

  14. Not as potent as I would have hoped. Still great product tho! Tastes great and you actually want to eat more.

  15. Never found anything better than this to sleep so well , my fit bit gave me gold stars !

  16. LOVE the taste of these, and I find 2 per dose are all you need!

  17. Yummy and delicious, great watermelon taste and gives a nice added edge to any smoke

  18. These are sooooo delicious. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  19. Pretty happy with these. They come 4 to a bag, so about 25mg of THC each. I ordered 2 bags and I’ve been eating 2 at a time. Within a couple hours was feeling the glow. They are sugary and have a decent fruity taste with very little pot taste or smell. I’ll for sure be ordering again.

  20. was the first time ordered edibles awesome just enough high to no pain would definetly reorder

  21. A great product

  22. Such yummy flavours. I love the 10mg for a little pick me up.

  23. These are amazing! They taste great and make you feel great too

  24. great

  25. very good !

  26. Really like these.

  27. Love the packaging! I ordered a variety of gummies for my work family, Santa is busy making special stockings🤶

  28. Not a big fan of the flavor nor the effects.

  29. super tasty, excellent quality, always love mota

  30. Super tasty, hard not to eat the whole bag.

  31. Good taste and effect is OK

  32. amazing flavor!

  33. Amazing

  34. Lots of fun flavors to try out! I got blue sour bottles and they were great. You can taste the cannabis but it’s still very delicious.

  35. The effects are super inconsistent. I’ve tried the blue bottles, the cola bottles, the wiggles and the watermelons. I’ve maybe gotten a good high from these products twice. If I knew these products weren’t going to get me high I would save myself some money and just buy regular candy.

  36. love the sour watermelon flavor

  37. sour watermelon always hits the spot

  38. Soft, chewy and taste just like the sour watermelons you used to have as a kid. Take 1 and sit back and enjoy the ride.

  39. Ate 2 peaches and got nicely ripped 😀 Was amazed how they nailed the flavour!!!

  40. really good flavour

  41. Super bon ne goût a peine le weeb goûte comme de vrai bonbon.

  42. Great fun

  43. Tried the Cola. Did not give me any high whatsoever. I ate 3 at the same time and barely got a buzz. Disappointed.

  44. Love the taste

  45. Yummy

  46. THC sour bottles are very good

  47. Great taste and a great buzz

  48. Decent taste and good buzz

  49. Tastes good and the dosage is accurate!

  50. best tasting gummies

  51. love the watermelons

  52. Enjoyed the peach flavour

  53. so tasty – i need to remind myself they’re edibles

  54. i find this perfect for me.

  55. These are on my list of favorite edible gummys.

  56. Taste good, and very potent.

  57. Surprisingly potent for 10Mg. Has a good buzz, and the flavor is delicious.

  58. I ate the watermelon ones and I remember they tasted pretty good. I also got a nice body high

  59. Mota’s gummies are the best constant dosing

  60. perfect for the sleeptimes

  61. always great taste ans good effect

  62. great taste and already portioned

  63. the greatest taste

  64. Loved them

  65. I’m loving the Mota brand very much! These taste the best and I have a great night sleep with these. The cola and the wrigglers are my favourite.

  66. taste good

  67. my favorite! Good balance thc/cbd

  68. Very good

  69. Surprisingly strong feeling considering the amount per piece. I think it may be the CBD? Either way, always a great purchase, and the cola ones are honestly so tasty they are like craft candies

  70. Great concentration, great high

  71. I got a dud batch. Today I took 5 and still nothing, just like the last 3 days.

  72. Excellent product – works well and does not leave a gross after taste like some of the other products I have tried.

  73. Tasted good

  74. They taste yummy

  75. Tastes just like fuzzy peaches!

  76. Blue raspberry is a favourite!

  77. Loved the Sour peaches, Definitely need to try a bunch more of these flavours!!

  78. Tatse is good but I didnt fell much vibe

  79. Sour watermelon has a subtle flavour but no after taste. The high is minimal – need to take a full one to get a slight buzz (I’m a newbie)

  80. good taste

  81. Good taste ! But don’t eat them all at the same time;)

  82. Very good

  83. always work like a charm

  84. Nice taste good for a low dose

  85. Sour watermelon literally taste like candy. I have never had gummies that taste as good as these!!

  86. Love the taste!

  87. Have had the watermelon gummies before and really loved them. Perfect flavour and the high was enjoyable.

  88. The taste of the watermelon gummies is absolutely insane – these are my favourite tasting edibles ever, wish they made them in a stronger dose!!

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