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Cartridge (Blue Dream)

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Capacity: 0.5ml
THC: 500mg
Thread: Standard 510

CO2 is natural, you’re exhaling it right now.

CO2 is among the safest method of extraction. In fact, the FDA has labelled CO2 safe for industrial extractions, making it a much less controversial solvent than petroleum based hydrocarbons such as butane or propane.

CO2 is also unique in that its solubility will change with pressure, allowing for fractioning of the many different types of biomolecules available in cannabis strains. CO2 extraction can be used to pull various cannabinoids from the plant such as THCA, CBD, CBG, THCV as well as terpenes and other compounds.

1 Customer Review

  1. DG

    Pure Pulls makes by far the best cannabis vape pens/cartridges available at potcargo. They actually get you high on weed, can you believe that!? If I’m asking that you can imagine how truely abysmal some of the other branded carts I have tried in the past.

    So please guys leave reviews if you liked or disliked a product, so help save you and others money and let these companies know they wont get our money unless they step their game up.

    Conclusion: 4/5 – only losing a point I thionk the actual cartridge technology could improve a little to give bigger hits of vapor in less time. Maybe switching to fully ceramic core Gen 3’s.