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Disposable Vape – Grape

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THC: ≥ 95%

Contains a blend of Natural Terpenes and THC Distillate Oil tested at ≥ 95%

This sophisticated, sleek, and discreet pen houses a Ceramic Heating Coil producing a smooth odour free vapour. The Lithium Ion Battery lasts two times longer than conventional Disposables and can be recharged using a Mini USB cable, ensuring you get every last bit of oil.

NOTE: This product does NOT Contain VG/PG or Vitamin E Acetate. Mini USB Not Included.

3 Customer Reviews

  1. TF

    I dont know what a BlackBerry tastes like, but this pen was smooth and nice.
    I like the new design better

  2. DH

    This is my favourite pen that Pot Cargo has to offer. Would Highly recommend trying this before the other ones.

    Smooth, with a very social/happy vibe. This is great for people who do a lot of running around or for the creative minds.

  3. ADM

    Strong potent flavor, super yummy, no smell and great mellowing affect. But, be careful, hitting too strong can be a bit much