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Disposable Vape – Strawberry

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THC: ≥ 95%

Contains a blend of Natural Terpenes and THC Distillate Oil (Does NOT Contain VG/PG), Vitamin E Acetate free.

This sophisticated, sleek, and discreet pen houses a Ceramic Heating Coil producing a smooth vapour. The Lithium Ion Battery lasts two times longer than other Disposables and can be recharged using a Mini USB cable.

NOTE: Disposable Pen can be charged using a Mini USB cable. Mini USB Not Included.

4 Customer Reviews

  1. RR

    Works well, handy and discreet. Smells and tastes good. My pen clogs each time I use it so really have to puff to unclog. Not a deal breaker, could be one that’s faulty. Would buy again.

  2. RR

    This is a perfect portable and very good tasting for going out! Love it

  3. CK

    Works very well and tastes awesome. Good stuff

  4. DF

    thank you Team ***** star