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Cartridge – Green Crack God


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THC: 70%
Cartridge Capacity: 0.5ml

Welcome to the result of years spent exploring multiple forms of cannabis oil and vaporizer tanks. We have developed a proprietary technique to distill cannabis oil that removes ALL impurities and co-developed a vape pen design that quickly vaporizes the thickest and most purified oil.

*Standard 510 thread. Not recommended for use with other pen systems.

18 Customer Reviews

  1. CAP

    This is my go to — every single time it doesn’t disappoint. Have tried other brands that come no where close to the quality and experience this one does!

  2. KK

    Great and among the best on the market. Never clogs, easy to clean (if you are not using it correctly – Not a puffing pen, but long hauls – some oil-residue ends on the tip of the battery after many months of use, so make sure to clean every-once in a while).

  3. WP

    Best pen and oil I’ve used. Never clogs and great taste. Customer service is the best, second to none!

  4. TM

    THE best flavour, second best to none

  5. WP

    Pen works fantastic. This flavour is very tasty and give a happy and relaxed feeling.

  6. KK


  7. WP

    Very tasty with a smooth calm feeling that follows…Have been switching up 3 cartridges and they never clog up like others…pen works great…pretty quick charging time too.

  8. JC

    Has a nice light earthy taste and a great head high. Second best to Blueberry in terms of taste. Oil has a lighter color than the blueberry as well which was a nice change up.

  9. LK

    Need more flyte cartridge flavors!! Love the flyte pen :)

  10. JN

    best one ive tried

  11. BG

    This is just what was looking for, so easy to regulate doses. A pull or two does the trick.

  12. KD

    I love the GGC, it’s a nice relaxing high. It didn’t hit as hard as the sour diesel, but this is my choice for chilling out after work.

  13. BH

    Always good to grab a few of these … best ones ive tried so far ….

  14. ZR

    one of my favorites for sure.

  15. TB

    Love this flavor. Will be ordering more!

  16. DT

    One of the best on the market. smooth relaxing flavour. Helps with my anxiety. will buy agian.

  17. JP

    Love this vape pen and this strain. Very relaxing. Re-chargeable. Decent battery life, but I keep a back up pen with it.

  18. KL

    This is the best vape cartridge that I have used so far. The effects are great and I will definitely be buying again. Thanks for the 3 day shipping