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Vape Pen – Blueberry


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THC: 70%
Cartridge Capacity: 0.5ml

Welcome to the result of years spent exploring multiple forms of cannabis oil and vaporizer tanks. We have developed a proprietary technique to distill cannabis oil that removes ALL impurities and co-developed a vape pen design that quickly vaporizes the thickest and most purified oil.

*Standard 510 thread. Not recommended for use with other pen systems.

21 Customer Reviews

  1. SU

    I have been mulling over buying a Flyte/ Keyy vape pen for a few months now. After positive, and positive, and positive reviews, I finally bought one! (Just broke my leg in two places recently).

    This is amazing! A few pulls, and it put a smile on my face! The Blueberry was a very nice, relaxing body high, and with a sweet berry/ tropical flavour and smell.

    I also bought the Sour Diesel refill cartridge, and it is a very nice, head high, and with a sweet pine/ diesel flavour and smell.

    Thank you so much PotCargo!!!

  2. VS

    Love the product! Great taste. Only two draw and you’re good 👌

  3. MG

    These are the best pens for giving full hits that are smooth. Yes, there’s a 3 pack cartridge deal on another big site that works out to 40$ a cartridge… I have about 5 and just refill them with any typical distillate syringes

  4. WP

    Love these Flyte pen/cartridge. Works to the last drop and works well!! What’s this I hear about a 3 pack….sounds great, as well as more flavours….I know they have them!!


    I tried it yesterday. 2 draw… I was flying away!!

  6. DK

    Love it bring the 3 packs back

  7. GG

    72% thc and these pens are amazing…… I love it.

  8. BS

    Smells and tastes good.
    Pretty harsh but potent
    Just a little bigger than a cigarette.

  9. KK

    O Em Gee… We have lift off! I can not believe this. I don’t know if it’s because my body is not used to it, first time and all, or if it’s due to oil potency. I’m guessing this one cartridge will last me a week easily, because i took 2 hits and I’m so very happy right now.

    It tastes so very good, smooth, i did cough my lungs out, but what an amazing and fast high.

    The pen is so sleek, too. I love it. I highly recommend this! I’m likely done with smoking.

    @PC, please list THC %, and storing instructions, thanks!

  10. BM

    This is my new favorite toy. I am a VERY experienced user and have a GIANT tolerance to thc. This surprisingly worked great! Nice buzz and taste. Recharges quickly and as long as you remember to power it down it will last a while as well. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!

  11. TG

    Tastes sooooo good! This one is my favourite!

  12. AB

    I also puff a lot and got dickered just off a phew whoots, I totally could taste the blueberry and I will be ordering more soon

  13. JC

    Was a devoted TOKO user until I found pot cargo and their Flyte products. All I can say is bye bye TOKO …. Flyte is a superior product in volume, price and taste. Just ordered the variety 3 pack because of all the perks. P. S. I also would like to see the THC content of the cartridges.

  14. HL

    Great flavour! discovered in when I purchased the 3 pack.

  15. MB

    This product is awesome! The high I found to be very comfortable yet strong. I appreciate how small and discreet the whole thing is. Would be interesting if it came with a small travel case.

  16. KP

    Great flavor and great high no offence to the other flavors as they are all great but I wish I could get a 3 pack of just blueberry lol

  17. KP

    Great pen with great flavor and high but would love to know the thc %

  18. SS

    We ordered one of these. Holy sweet loins of mary, this stuff is STRONG!.
    Ive been smoking for over 20 yrs and 3 puffs (careful, it hits you fast) and i was buggered. It may look like a small amount but its so concentrated, you dont need that much.
    Didnt taste the Blueberry…just weed. The vapor as you exhale smells like it, but reeked of weed as well so not recommended using in enclosed areas inless you dont mind the smell.
    Cant wait to try the other flavors.
    HIGHLY recommend!!

  19. RL

    this product is awesome taste and high is better then any other pen so far good job pot cargo

  20. SR

    I’ve been a phant user for a long time so it took me a bit to get used to the flyte pen but once I did I will never go back to the disposable. Not only does this pen vape better the concentrate it uses is so much more powerful and it lasts twice as long, Great job with this one girls its a hit, also get the 3 packs of cartridges people you wont regret it.

  21. BV

    I just received my BB pen and I found that it is quite a powerful pen (and I smoke a lot). So strength wise it is very good! However, I did try the Phant pens and the Blueberry as well and found that the Phant Pen tasted a Hell of a lot better. So overall a good pen, but not the best-est of taste but still blueberry ish- Phant was exhaling blueberry – it’s awesome