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Vape Pen – Green Crack God


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THC: 70%
Cartridge Capacity: 0.5ml

Welcome to the result of years spent exploring multiple forms of cannabis oil and vaporizer tanks. We have developed a proprietary technique to distill cannabis oil that removes ALL impurities and co-developed a vape pen design that quickly vaporizes the thickest and most purified oil.

*Standard 510 thread. Not recommended for use with other pen systems.

17 Customer Reviews

  1. JC

    Amazing! Build quality of the pen is one of the best out there. You can get 98% of what’s in the cartridge with only the slightest left behind unlike disposables. Holds a charge for a long time. Even with daily use you can easily get by 5-7days between charges. The cartridges also last a long time. Can easily last 30days or more if you take 4-5 hits per day. With this price point there is no need to get a disposable vape. Please start a cartridge recycling program that can provide cargo points in exchange. I have over 30+ carts that seem like such a waste to simply throw out. More flavors as well please! Though the Green Crack God and Blueberry are amazing!

  2. PG

    No surprise it’s out of stock. This is the best tasting distillate yet! Keep em coming!

  3. NA

    I must say was my first time buying from this site, and my first impressions, I’m stunned. Some of the best service and quality in terms of shipping and overall products. I ordered this pen as well as the blueberry cartrige a late Sunday night and received it the same week early Thursday afternoon, and for the product, wow… Just wow … Thank you guys for this I’m more then happy with my purchase!

  4. MT

    The best one!
    Taste is amazing, discrete, reliable and fast shipping I recommend to everyone!

  5. SL

    Wow! Love it!

  6. AC

    I purchased a disposable Phant pen recently and as it was my first experience vaping I was highly disappointed. The pen was dried out and I think just trying to pull through it was making me light headed. It’s still in a drawer somewhere unable to use and I can’t even give it away!! I decided to try again with this pen based on the reviews and it arrived 2 days ago and has changed my life!! Amazing is all I can say!! Smooth, clean and reminiscent of teenage oil days. This will be a staple in my life from now on!!

  7. WK

    was very impressed with this little unit battery life isn’t the best tho only problem i had with this vape

  8. MK

    Currently the most reliable vapes on the site. Avoid the BLOOMs. Flimsy design, iffy charging capability, clogged mouthpieces, and if you draw too hard, you’ll put the cartridge right out of the shaft.

  9. PG

    Not my first try at a vape pen, but far superior to anything else I’ve tried. 3 good hits and I’m good to go. Smooth delivery and awesome flavor. Will by again….and again. Thanks Pot Cargo.

  10. JS

    Love it honestly the best out there just high and in love with this. BTW if vape pen battery dies fast any battery vape works just turn to 7watts before smoke and you’ll be in love with your high!

  11. DH

    Great pen and great strain. Will definitely buy again

  12. MP

    Fantastic vape pen. Flavour is delicious. I would order again! Thanks PotCargo!!!!

  13. DE

    My thoughts mirror everyone else’s, these Flyte pens are great. Still buzzed the next day!

  14. MP

    I absolutely recommend this pen, Last year I tried a few disposable and was not satisfied. This is a different story altogether! After 2 weeks of use and contemplation I think I’m in love… XOX

  15. SW

    The extraction method and the hardware design are truly impressive. Flyte is to be congratulated as they will be surely recompensed in the marketplace. It’s a really happy trend that vapes are appearing on the scene being true to their strains (would that capsules be likewise). GCG neither tasted this good nor hit so hard as this formula renders it… clean, fresh and just try to find the door!

  16. SK

    Just got my pen before the weekend. This is one convenient device! The green crack god is amazing! Great taste and so convenient! Did I say that already? This is going to change the way I enjoy my thc. Discreet enough to take anywhere and the cartridges pack a punch. Battery lasts a long time too! Love my new Flyte vape pen! 5 stars!!!

  17. AN

    just got this pen, and I am feeling very good after three hoots of this cart and three of grapefruit haze! Very good. Easy operation, battery charges quick, very light and comfortable to hold. Totally recommend this vape pen!