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Disposable Vape Pen (Cherry)

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The Phant vaporizing pen is sleek, discreet and disposable. No chargers or additional cartridges required.

Each pen contains about 50 – 75 hits.


8 Customer Reviews

  1. VVT

    Very discreet. I love this pen. I keep it in my car. Easy to use.

  2. JP

    After trying all the different “flavors”; I find cherry to have the harshest hit. Good relaxing buzz after 3 or 4 tokes, but definitely made me cough. If you have baby lungs I would recommend the cotton candy or tangerine in stead.

  3. BM

    Love it. Quite a heavy hitter too. Two pulls works for me. Will be ordering more soon.

  4. JL

    so discreet and easy to use. Hits pretty hard too!

  5. PG

    Super sleek, love bringing these with me when I go out. Have had cotton candy, tjis one (cherry) and just bought grape. Love these!!

  6. AH

    Great product im a veteran smoker and this thing got me fried in 5 good puffs. None the less i was sitting next to my mom smoking it and she didnt even know the difference at a family event. Hilarious. Great for my buisness to as i drive consistantly and dont love danking up my work vans while representing my own company. Great alternative i will always have one in both of my personal vehicles at all times. Pretty much a must have for me now

  7. IM

    5/5 product!!!!!

    Great price, great potency, insanely discrete, easy to use. You need this in your life.

    You can take big or small hits, once empty, the pen will start flashing (which is very nice), also, you will notice that the taste isn’t great for the last few hits, but no big deal.

    Don’t know why I decided to try this, maybe to make sure my order was at least $200 for free shipping?? But glad I did, I will be ordering these from here on out.

    Would be nice to get a rechargeable/refillable type vape pen.

  8. DG

    OMG Love this pen. It helps big time for my pain and insomnia. I will def buy again. Would love it if you guys got the phant pens that you can recharge, they have more puffs per cartridge also a higher thc =)