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Disposable Vape Pen (Cotton Candy)

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The Phant vaporizing pen is sleek, discreet and disposable. No chargers or additional cartridges required.

Each pen contains about 50 – 75 hits.


20 Customer Reviews

  1. MH

    Very good taste works very good would order again

  2. AM

    Pas assez fort !!! Ca buzz pas pour le prix. Mais c’est bon pareil !

  3. WD

    The convenience of the pen is very nice but the inability to charge or replace the battery on the pen was disappointing. The battery died before the liquid had been used.

  4. JP

    Another one of my favorites. Great taste, hits smooth. I love the sleekness of these vapes. I bring with me when I travel. Great to smoke in the hotel room without worry of being charged for smoking in the hotel room.

  5. MMM

    Really good !

  6. PG

    I bring this with me when I’m on the run. Lasts a long time!! Usually have to take a couple puffs to feel anything. Flavour isn’t quite cotton candy but enjoyable!

  7. ZB

    Love it! Definitely buy again. Very stealthy and a solid build. Surprisingly long lifetime. I’ve used other vapes before and this has by far lasted the longest!! Also, it f**ks you up, so thats awesome.

  8. AS

    Love it! Wouldn’t say cotton candy but still sweet and smooth. Works well but you have to haul until the light flashes or you aren’t getting jack it seems. Smoked it like a PAX and got nothing. As soon as I smoked it like a smoke I was all good. Strong. Good high

  9. GB

    So discreet with no unpleasant odors. If you’ve been wanting to try one, you should !! They are fun!!!!

  10. JP

    Used it over a long evening with some fellow medicinal patients. 1-2 three second hits put us where we needed to be without being too kablamo. I really enjoyed the fact that you can whip it out and in within 5 seconds. I also enjoyed the fact that it was pretty stealthy. Still need to kinda hide the svapor cloud in public areas. There is a bit of concentrate smell still. Its not totally smell proof but still milder than a high end shatter in a vape pen. Overall i’m very satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend one for on the go quick use. Thanks PC & Phant!

  11. AA

    Very nice gets u super baked

  12. SF

    Fantastic! Discreet enough for that fast buzz in your moms house / apartment / dorm room!

  13. JT

    Pleasantly surprised very easy to use and full of that oil flavor and sweet it was a good buy to see how it is for me 5 puffs and i was giggling. Really medicated and I was happy that pot cargo could make this work for me

  14. DC

    I enjoy this pen! Gives a nice buzz and fairly potent actually. I mean if you go to town on it, it’s going to run out quick. Think if you have 6 hoots in one session and like 3-4 sessions per day that is like 2-3 days worth. So I am going to use it as my little discreet top up medicator lol. Smooth on inhale, moderately harsh exhale but good puffs tho. Cool sound and light up too. Great job!

  15. GB

    This is a great product. What a nice flavor/taste it has.

  16. KD

    This is dooope! Perfect for the herbalist on the go. Nice smooth hits takes you where you need to be.

  17. CP

    Very good! Now you need to sell the electric pen and refills!

  18. GY

    When you think “disposable shatter pen”, your immediate thought isn’t that it’s going to be a flat out amazing experience. So you keep your expectations low. However I was very wrong in assuming such poppycock. The Phant pen is a dream product for anyone who maintains a daily balance of THC in their system. It’s small, discrete and doesn’t really smell. Three solid hits and your’ starting to feel the effects. Great product. Will definitely buy again.

  19. TJ

    Bought this for myself and a friend and I gotta say, it’s actually a really good xmas gift idea! hehe It also lasts for a while but depending on how much you smoke..

  20. MP

    The taste and smell of cotton candy is the nicest thing!! I usually smoke this after work it gives me energy, it makes me laugh a lot. Love love love this!