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Disposable Vape Pen (Tangerine)

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The Phant vaporizing pen is sleek, discreet and disposable. No chargers or additional cartridges required.

Each pen contains about 50 – 75 hits.


16 Customer Reviews

  1. KD

    I really enjoyed using this and will order more for times when I am out. But definitely love using the recharhable Flyte for heavier use.

  2. LK

    I was very hesitant buying a disposable pen, I’ve heard so many bad stories about them, but nonetheless I decided to try it for myself, I’m very glad i did! I’ve been a cannabis user for over 20 years, my tolerance is quite high, so once my cotton candy parcel arrived i tested the pens on a clear head, let me tell you, i probably over did it for my first try and took about 10 good hauls, i got ripped real quick hahaha! Now I find myself taking 5-6 hauls and I’m at a very comfortable level. Nice taste, pretty smooth, super discreet, what else can you ask for right….

    also don’t hesitate to register with potcargo, fast registration, quick shipping, so far I’ve had a great experience with my orders, cheers and keep up the fantastic customer service!

  3. PC

    Very discreet. Really enjoyable. Taste is ok. Best type of high

  4. AW

    Love it! Smoke everyday and this is discreet AF for when you can’t smoke the usual Way

  5. JP

    I really enjoyed this vape. Out of all the “flavors” offered here, this one is my favorite vape as far as taste and type of high. I use on my lunch hour, I find muself more productive afterwards and less of the burnout feeling. Very Good!

  6. MMM

    This is really great!

  7. ZB

    Has a nice flavour. Love it! Definitely buy again. Very stealthy and a solid build. Surprisingly long lifetime. I’ve used other vapes before and this has by far lasted the longest!! Worth it.

  8. AO

    Convenient. Not sure it’s worth the money vs what you get natural product or pre rolled. I enjoyed it and will try again to make sure but not sold just yet.

  9. MW

    Amazing! love it. Tastes amazing and perfect for a stealth toke to stay medicated wherever you go.

  10. JC

    Love it and order one every time. Blueberry for sleep and Tangerine to get busy :)
    The only downside- Sometimes the battery dies out before the concentrate is finished which is so frustrating. Hopefully they can provide a fix to the product. This has happened a few times, but there is a work around you can find on the internet to bypass the battery to one that works, but it is a pain. Very discreet.

  11. JP

    I approve!

  12. LA

    One of my favourites. Tastes really good and great quality. Only dislike was the battery died before I finished it. Super bummer. Still giving 5 stars though because PC rocks.

  13. AH

    Had tried the cherry yesterday and had the opportunity to try the tangerine today. Their both on par with eachother in terms of how fried you get and i thought they both tasted great. Yet again satisfied and love how discreet it is you cant put a dollar value on safely being able to get stoned anywhere

  14. JL

    Incroyable tout simplement ????????????????????????????????

  15. IM

    5/5 product!!!!!

    Great price, great potency, insanely discrete, easy to use. You need this in your life.

    You can take big or small hits, once empty, the pen will start flashing (which is very nice), also, you will notice that the taste isn’t great for the last few hits, but no big deal.

    Don’t know why I decided to try this, maybe to make sure my order was at least $200 for free shipping?? But glad I did, I will be ordering these from here on out.

    Would be nice to get a rechargeable/refillable type vape pen.

  16. SW

    This vape pen was stronger than the others. The convenience is outstanding. It’s a favorite!