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Vape Pen – Lemonade

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Our proprietary technology produces a stable nano-emulsion, a blend of natural terpenes, and pure THC distillate. Available in four mouthwatering flavours, SUBCULTURE is your answer for the perfect vaping experience.

THC Distillate:
-93% Delta 9
-2% Delta 8
-5% Terpenes
-0% VG/PG

Vitamin E Acetate free.

-0.5ml capacity
-Standard 510 thread
-Ceramic Heating Element

For best results, we recommend using this product with SUBCULTURE batteries.

-350mah rechargeable Lithium Battery with adjustable temperature controls and Pre-Heat function

To turn ON/OFF the battery, press the button 5 times. To change temperature, press the button 3 times (White 40v, Blue 3.6v, Red 3.2v). To pre heat, press the button 2 times.