3g Disposable Vape Pen (Burn Lifestyle Co.)

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3 Gram Disposable Vape

Earn 55 Cargo Points worth $2.75!
Earn 55 Cargo Points worth $2.75!
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Save money and time with our 3ml disposable vape series. Our vapes have only 2 ingredients. Lab tested, top quality D9 concentrate and all natural terpenes. No filler. With a slick, compact design, use anywhere conveniently.

Capacity: 3 Gram
Vitamin E Acetate free
Rechargeable Disposable battery
No PG, VG, PEG, or MCT!

30 reviews for 3g Disposable Vape Pen (Burn Lifestyle Co.)

  1. 3G for the price of 2G, can’t get a better deal than that! Strawberry Shortcake Tastes like lemon or citrus to me, still all good

  2. Super taste

  3. Woooow taste good

  4. Beat value vape

  5. Small, subtil and dank. Use the standard usb-c port(android plug) to recharge. Tasted 3 flavors and they were great ! Nice on/off/high toggle control. Best disposeable vape i’ve used (used 4 models so far). Worth the extra bucks !

  6. Quality.

  7. Slap me silly hahah

  8. Frequent Buyer, I gotta say, out of all the vapes I’ve tried here these are the best. I highly recommend Unicorn Hunter vapes too if you have a lot of money, they hit really hard compared to the others on the site and this. But this product is best for your moneys worth. 3g for the price of 1g and some 2g products is a great deal. Thanks!

  9. The alien OG tastes like sour candies (sour tongues). Best flavor of the 5 I’ve tasted.

  10. thanks to the great staff hep i was able to enjoy this pen

  11. Very good taste and buzz. Highly recommended.

  12. Great pull … easy to use…

  13. Decent taste, great price

  14. Tasty

  15. Awesome

  16. They are great! Good value…good high….I had one pen that got clogged halfway through but you guys were kind enough to credit me…..but I love the stuff!

  17. Nice size

  18. Work well!

  19. Amazing. Great Value!

  20. Meh, tried the Apple Sundae. These little things are good in a pinch. If you’re a seasoned user, this does barely anything. But activates a lot of coughing. Definately more of a fan of the leaf.

  21. They are my favorite!! And I’ve tried so many vapes but this one is just wonderful.

  22. problem with the vape, it burned my mouth and the liquid keeps coming up! The worst i’ve tried so far!

  23. I am very pleased with my order of 3 of these vapes. I had a few problems ordering and customer service were right on it and helped me out even though I was a bit of a pain. I will definitely be coming back to this company for there great price and customer service.

  24. NEED to come back with the Pink Lemonade flavour! The best flavoured, best high from a pen I’ve had in a long while. Need to have more flavours (fruity) so I can order even more!

  25. Just took a rip on the Chocolope, and found it to be smooth and delicious with a nasal exhalation that tickled me with peppert, fruity and unmistakable chocolate scents. Better than most, reminds me of a nostalgic mixture of a chocolate and cherry blunt wraps, but a cleaner product and indica high.

  26. I purchased the papaya Punch and out of all the pens I have tried this one does not make me cough. Bonus

  27. Love love love these pens! I’ve tried a variety of flavours, mostly the strain flavours but they are true as advertised. I haven’t gotten the “burnt” taste in any that I’ve tried. They last forever! They fit perfectly in that teeny mini pocket in jeans! I love the settings, sometimes it’ll need a hard pull to clear it for a hoot and that button really helps unclog it fast. I could rave all day about these cute lil gadgets.

  28. Soooo good

  29. When I opened up my package there was THC oil was leaking everywhere. Turns out the pen was broken, and the customer service didn’t respond to me when I asked for a refund.

  30. only got 1g of dab juice then it started clogging and shooting hot liquid into my mouth more than half just shot out the mouthpiece and burned me what a rip off.

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