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2g Disposable Vape

If you’re looking for a convenient escape, Burns Disposable Weed Vaporizer is just the thing you need. Having been in the industry for 25 years, you can be sure that you’re getting the best smoking experience. It sources the best and most natural terpenes while keeping all the cannabinoids.

Earn 48 Cargo Points worth $2.40!
Earn 48 Cargo Points worth $2.40!
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If you’re looking for a convenient escape, Burns Disposable Weed Vaporizer is just the thing you need. Having been in the industry for 25 years, you can be sure that you’re getting the best smoking experience. It sources the best and most natural terpenes while keeping all the cannabinoids.

The BURN Disposable works on a draw-activated system. As you inhale from the tip, the device heats the distillate. When you exhale, it takes the vapor form. The device features 2 settings:

Low temp: Pull on vape without pressing button.
High temp: Press button while pulling.
Charge Vape when oil reaches charging lines, marked on window.

Ingredients: All natural, organic terpenes, lab tested cannabis distillate.

68 reviews for Burn Lifestyle Co. – Disposable Vape (2g)

  1. I don’t review things online usually…but I just HAD to share my thoughts so that everyone can benefit.
    This is WONDERFUL! The packaging is cool and the size is small yet powerful puffs.
    Yes, as advertised, you ARE saving money because this is a 2 ml size. Think about that for a second…then Add to cart 😉
    Please PotCargo keep these in stock and…make more strains available if possible. Cheers!

  2. Good price! Great quality.
    That train wreck is a BEAST.

  3. Beautiful

  4. Il vaut vraiment le prix.

  5. These are great. No artificial taste which I hate.

  6. 2ml for $50. Great deal and a good product. Taste is clean

  7. Love this pen. Great tast, great price !

  8. Feels good in the hand and really good pulls from my first purchase of these pens.
    Very good buzz from Maui Wowie,MK and ICC.
    Lastly,nice big sight glass to keep you notified.

  9. Such a great vape! Seriously, $50 is an unbelievable deal for these.

  10. A bit harsh on the throat, but great pick for the price!

  11. Each strain/flavor is different. This time I tried Lemon Haze and it is wonderful and pleasant.
    Train wreck is my go-to for getting rid of a headache. Magical!

  12. Easy vape great taste

  13. Thurps up a lil but I really haven’t seen a vape pen that doesnt.

  14. I hate when these sell out. Lemon Haze – get it.

  15. Très bon produit aspire bien

  16. I am in love! I bought the blue berry & it’s heaven

  17. The best pens out there.

  18. These pens are a game changer. Long lasting charge,durable and super discreet.
    Pot Cargo is the absolute pinnacle for products and service.
    Customer for life.

  19. 5 star! I’m a grouchy middle aged guy. This shit made me actually enjoy shit the way I was when I was a kid. Just a weird appreciative mindset. That first haul however was impossibly harsh. It was way better the next time. Just burning something off I guess, just a heads up. Short of that. 100

  20. good value

  21. I love these. Some have a better flavour than others.

  22. Keep these products. Very nice

  23. Best flavor ive tasted so far. Nice battery life as well.

  24. Pretty Decent

  25. Nice for the price

  26. Nice shit

  27. Best vape on the market

  28. Tried a couple. Nice flavour

  29. Train wreck is nice!

  30. Smells good and good price for 2g

  31. Keep the new flavours coming.

  32. The pen does the trick. Battery lasts a long time. Sleek and discreet. Tastes good. Easy pull. 2g for the price of 1g. Overall not a bad one.

    Now, if you’re a seasoned smoker and have a heavy T you might get annoyed. It clogs…constantly. few pulls here and there are fine, anything more, you’ll end up with oil dripping in your mouth. Id say pay more and get unicorn. Just my opinion though.
    Happy sesh!

  33. Loving the new flavours.
    Can’t beat Pot Cargo for reliability and great products and service.
    Thank you

  34. Amazing! I’ve tried many flavors but blueberry is my favorite

  35. very smooth easy to use nice high

  36. Obsessed with these

  37. Not bad hits hard

  38. Fav flavour

  39. Excellent pens. Note: IF you happen to find it clogging, do not force-pull because if you pull hard enough it could cause oil to overflow through the mouthpiece. Instead, WARM the device’s mouthpiece by holding it in the palm of your hand before pulling. Enjoy! 😍

  40. Really enjoyed this pen and it’s discreet can’t see the oil so nobody knows what’s inside

  41. Best pens

  42. Best value

  43. Love the blueberry one! Smells so fruity

  44. Really great disposable pens! Such great value, and the quality is amazing – this pen does not leak, only if you pull to hard when it’s cooler.. warm it between your hands for a few seconds and they work amazing! Charges last for quite some time, super easy to recharge!

  45. Lovin it

  46. Super taste

  47. Really good taste and great looking

  48. Great

  49. Easy pull

  50. The oil can leak. Not fun

  51. I loved this product but didn’t love the pen itself. The product got me nice and high pretty easily and I will say I loved the pen feel but it clogged A LOT after a few uses and that got annoying after a while. However having said that I would still recommend. Sour diesel was enjoyable.

  52. Never tried it yet lol

  53. The pen is pull activated! I love these very discreet and not bulky at all

  54. Excellent vape pens!

  55. Easy pull, taste great

  56. Great vapes

  57. Purple kush is awesome

  58. Always good

  59. Nice taste

  60. Would recommend

  61. C’est d’la Wowie!!!

  62. These are my absolute favourite!

  63. Very convenient, no smell and perfect size for travel

  64. Distillates aren’t as smooth as FSEs but still… C’est d’la Wowie!

  65. Great products

  66. Got the gods gift 2gram disposable. Not overly impressed. Plugs frequently and have already lost product due to it coming out the mouth piece. Product wise is okay. Does the trick. Not sure I’d give this brand a second go.

  67. Loved the product for the very short time the pen worked. Both vapes i got stopped working after a few days and never charged or worked again… disappointing because i really liked the product!

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